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Dubai city of tourism



Dubai is a city in United Arab Emirates of Asia, Dubai is one among the top 10 city in the world

Dubai was desert

Dubai is the most finest and largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the capital of Emirate of Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is the federation that have several states, seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras-Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is situated on the Persian Gulf in western Asia, it borders Saudi Arabia to the south, Oman the east, Iran to the north and a maritime border with Qatar to the west. The population of the country is 9.5 million, out of this population only 1.5 are native Emirate citizens. each of the Emirates rues by the monarch,  the ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi holds the de facto presidency of the state,

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Gboko town update




Gboko  is a biggest town in the Benue State of  Nigeria. The name Gboko is a town also a local government that made up of 4 communities, they are Mbayion, Ipiav, Yandev, mbatyav, Mbatyerev.

Gboko is the capital of the Tiv tribe and it has the official residence of the Tor-Tiv, who is the paramount  ruler of the Tiv people, all the prominent Tiv sons and daughters have  home in Gboko where they visit often.

Gboko has a landmass of 2,264 square km with a population of 398,397 people (1990 Census). Gboko local government has it boundary with Tarka Local Government on the North, Ushongo local government to the South, Buruku local government on the East, Gwer on the West, Konshisha Local Government on the South West.

Gboko is also know as G town, this town have some Important annual events they are  Kwagh-hir Festival, Tiv Day celebration, mkar hill climbing. Kwagh-hir festival is one of the Tiv traditional theater, It is the festival of story telling that represent animals characters. It is staged on special occasions. The Tiv Day celebration is the day that all Tiv sons and daughters that are living in other parts of the world come together in Gboko  town to celebrate the cultural heritage of the Tivs and also negotiate on developmental matters affecting the Tiv people.

Government approved tertiary institutions in Gboko

FIDEI Polytechnic Gboko

•University of Mkar Gboko

•Gboko Polytechnic

Akpelan orshi polytechnic Gboko

•Gboko College of Education,Luga

•College of Health science and Technology,Mkar

Gboko tourism

Gboko is one of the most exciting and lively town in Benue Not withstanding its industrial activities, the town boasts of standard companies in the state. Like Dangote cement gboko, uteco food and beverage production company, gboko rice mill, Gboko main market that attract a lot of business men like igbos, worubas, Hausa, calabas etc. the town boasts of tourist attractions in the state. Gboko town has some of the best places to visit . The best  Garden, Gboko plaza, Gboko club, mkar hill, has a lot to offer and is the perfect place to visit, Gboko town have a lot of recreational and fun spots that will give you experience.

Standard hotels that gives convenience accommodation in Gboko

  1. Grand royal suites hotel Gboko
  2. I.k vero guest house
  3. Peace guest house new York hotel Gboko
  4. Joy guest house
  5. Bays garden hotel Gboko
  6. Hally day hotel and resort Gboko
  7. Gakuna harbour hotel Gboko
  8. Empire suites Gboko
  9. Benue hotels
  10. Mountain guest house Gboko
  11. Lakristo hotel Gboko
  12. Ponny hotel Gboko
  13. Adamken plaza Gboko
  14. Ben hotel Gboko
  15. Abba guest inn
  16. Global villa resources
  17. Apetsan suites
  18. Ideal palace
  19. Peace land suites
  20. Mount horeb hotel
  21. Infinity Lodge Gboko
  22. Country cava hotel
  23. Lucky guest inn
  24. Sigwa hotel Gboko
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About Latter Rain Prophetic Tower Ministries Port-harcourt (History)




Here In This Article, WE are going to tell you About Latter Rain Prophetic Tower Ministries Port-harcourt (History) and everthing you may need to know about Latter Rain Prophetic Tower Ministries

The Founder Of Latter Rain Prophetic Tower Ministries Port Harcourt

The ministry was founded in the year 1995 by Bishop (Dr) Felix Macaulay , a port Harcourt base prophet that destroyed Akpor kingdom shrine in just one day with his prayer team in port Harcourt. who his  mentor and spiritual father is Papa Steven Akinola

Bishop (Dr) Felix Macaulay

Bishop (Dr) Felix Macaulay

A great servant of God  born into Ozuoba community of Rivers state of Nigeria. The man grew up in to environment that surrounded by idol worshipers, he know and believed in the power of the most high God who created the heaven and the death, he began to destroy the evil alters and strong shrine of the kingdom, the destruction caused the death of all the kinsmen including the king of the Akpo kingdom.

He started the ministry with four young men who are ministers now. They are names are : Reward Nsirim a medical doctor,pastor Clifford, pastor Joshua, and evangelist God knows.

(Dr) Felix Macaulay is the founding father of latter rain prophetic tower ministries worldwide with its headquarters at Ozuoba port Harcourt Rivers state Nigeria and other branches across the world,

Branches Of Latter Rain Prophetic Tower Ministries

Destiny inspirational house:

36, uniport Road, behind Ozuoba play ground,

Destiny porter’s house:

38 Rumuola road, behind peoples club house, Rumuola Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Destiny Eagle House

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45 AIT road off Abeokuta express way Alagbado Lagos state Nigeria.

Destiny light house

14, Onujogo road Goshen Delta state Nigeria

Destiny Dominion house

Block 25 flat 5 karu, Abuja. FCT.

Destiny Glory House

5 unity Road, off owomodu, Aduawa, Benin , Edo state Nigeria.

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Destiny Lion House

20 chief chinwo street off ogunabali Road port Harcourt Rivers state Nigeria.

God is still doing great things through the latter rain prophetic tower ministries worldwide by healing people and breaking generational covenants.

Some of the well known programs of the church are kings and queen Dominion service which hold on every Wednesdays of the week from 6pm to 8pm, on Tuesday the church hold business/ financial break through  and counselling service by 10 am to 12 noon and every last Fridays of the month, the church hold it all night healing miracle and deliverance service in the church auditorium. The average head count of those who attended the service is about 14,000

Latter rain prophetic tower ministries worldwide have covenant relationship with

Papa Steven Akinola, Bishop (Dr) Cletus Basset, Rev (Dr) J.C Ezekwe, Apostle Emmanuel Duke, Arch bishop Sam Amaga, Arch bishop Hagman, Bishop (Dr) Sam. Richard, Apostle ( prof) Johnson Suleiman, Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche, Bishop Chris Olisa, Rev Prince Onyekwere Archbishop ( barrister, Jack Moses, Bishop( prof) Ezekiel Nyenwegu, Rev ( Dr) Josiah Abayim, Archbishop (Dr) Damson, Apostle Prince David Zilli Aggrey, just to mention nafew.

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The mission Of Latter Rain Prophetic Tower Ministries Worldwide

Our mandate is prophetically to reach out to the Nation of the world and to liberate mankind through the prophetic anointing and calling of our leader, bishop (Dr) Felix Macaulay who has been sent as divine gift to our end generation.

As an out reach, we are called for what God has given to us to do, which is populating the kingdom of heaven and  depopulating the kingdom of hell,but we do this basically through this various ways interceding for ministes of the gospel international mission and crusading fasting for the present and unborn generation praying for the government of the nations. This is our calling, this is our brief, this is what we are made for, this is our heartfelt desire, this is our deep feelings this is our mind set and by his grace he has been helping us all even now, we enjoin you today to become part of us as we populate heaven and depopulate hell.


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