Welcome to our DCMA REMOVAL PAGE, here in this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about DCMA REMOVAL POLICIES, and how to report to us about your content found in our Blog.

If you have seen your post or content in our blog and you don’t want it to be here with us, then this post and page is for you.

We will tell you how to take down the post from our portal or how to get a credit link from your article found in our Blog .

We do accept guess post, so it can lead to copying people post due to some research, so if you have seen your post in our blog, please don’t be angry, we will tell you how to contact us or take it down.

But we have two options for, and here  are the options below:

  • Take Down the post from our Blog.
  • Give you a credit Link to your Blog.

You have to take one option.

After you might have choose, the options above.

To do this Just Contact Us Here Contact Us HereContact Us

Note: After contacting us about the Removal, make sure that the post is yours, that you are the original owner of the Article, if not we will take a very big action, for claiming to be the original source.

Thank you