GGT2030/BET Africa Pitching Point Entrepreneurial Challenge

GGT2030/ BET Africa Pitching Point Entrepreneurial Challenge

Application is now open for the GGT2030 and BET Africa Pitching Point. The BET Africa pitching point is an exciting new youth reality show that aims to find the next great township entrepreneur. 12 young township entrepreneurs, with either a great idea or existing enterprise, will compete to be the best during fun Trials and formidable entrepreneurial Challenges. They will learn with thee selected applicants, yearn with them, cry and laugh with them as they innovate, disrupt, make and break alliances, create strategies and get out into the streets to earn profits and win Pitching Points on the Leader Board.

This is a residential, full-time training and development programme for aspiring entrepreneurs with a great idea for business; and those with side hustles or existing enterprises that need a boost. Please carefully evaluate whether you are able to live-in during the process, and whether you are willing to share your progress on TV and social media during the Trials and Challenges of the show.

Video Submission 

You are required to submit a audition pitch video. Remember, this is a reality TV competition so please do your best to “PROMOTE YOURSELF”. Record in landscape mode and pitch for the life you want to create!1. Introduce yourself to us (10 seconds). e.g. choose the one that applies to you.

Application Process

Apply here

For more Information : Visit the web site for GGT2030 / BET Africa Pitching Point Entrepreneurial Challenge for Gauteng Youths



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