Data Science 2022 DSN Internship for Young Africans

DSO 2022 Data Science Internship

Application is now open for the 2022 DSN Internship Program. The DSN Internship Program is part of their commitment to raising 1 million AI talents in 10 years. This program is designed to train and equip young talents across Africa and give them opportunities to grow and build a world-class career in AI either as a researcher, industry practitioner or start-up entrepreneur.

DSN Internship

DSN Internship Program is a platform for young talents to thrive in an atmosphere of hands-on knowledge with an excellent drive for growth.

Internship Program

  • Learn through a structured curriculum on geospatial AI, Natural Language Processing, AI for social good, and Data science applications
  • Participate in writing a minimum of 4 high-quality research papers that can be published at world-class AI conferences
  • Access to participate in industry-level projects
  • Access to global mentors to accelerate your chosen career field.
  • Participation in the DSN community as a knowledge source for our extensive network of young data scientists
  • Participate in writing a minimum of 4 high-quality research papers that can be published at world-class AI conferences.


  1. MCW Global Young Leaders Fellowship Program 2023 for Young Persons
  2. Access Bank ART X Prize 2022/2023 for Early-Career Artists (worth $10,000)
  3. Next Einstein Forum Young Ambassador Programme 2022-2024 for Young Africans

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the internship, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be enrolled in a university, or equivalent tertiary institution, or be a university graduate.
  • Be a registered member of the Data Science Nigeria AI+ Community with an AI membership ID.
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 35 years of age;
  • Students enrolled in first-degree programs should have completed two years of full-time study. Students pursuing postgraduate studies should be completing their degrees and wish to gain experience at DSN.

They do not expect you to be an expert in any field. However, this opportunity is not for absolute beginners. DSN Internship Program is for distinguished individuals who have chosen the fields of Research, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence and have mastered the basics. Below are some of the skills expected from potential interns:

  • Python programming
  • Data Science and Data Analysis
  • Microsoft Office Proficiency
  • Other Skills, such as communication and project management

Program Timeline

This internship will last for 24 weeks (6 months)

Application Deadline

31st October 2022

Application Process

Apply Here

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