IOC Young Leader

IOC Young Leader

Your journey to becoming an IOC Young Leader

The IOC Young Leaders Programme Application Process and the 4-Week Learning Sprint are the two stages in the selection process for 2023-2026.


The first condition for a candidate to be eligible to apply for the IOC Young Leaders Programme is completion of the 4-Week Learning Sprint.

Registration for the 4-Week Learning Sprint begins on September 15 and ends on October 20, 2022.

The four sessions of the 4-Week Learning Sprint will take place in November, beginning on Tuesday, November 8th.

Those who register will receive additional information.


After successfully completing the 4-Week Learning Sprint (Certificate of Participation earned), a candidate becomes eligible to apply for the IOC Young Leaders Programme.

The application process opens on 1 December and closes on 31 December 2022.

Full description of the application process and criteria

Click here to apply for the 4-Week Learning Sprint

Is this programme for you ?

We want to invest in and collaborate with an amazing group of young leaders that are passionate about solving local problems through grassroots sport-based initiatives and long-term social business models.

We are searching for a varied collection of young leaders with diverse origins, viewpoints, skill sets, motivations, and experiences, rather than one sort of profile.

The IOC Young Leader profile:

  • 20-28 years old
  • Proficiency in English
  • Passion for sport as a tool for social and economic change
  • Interest in community action
  • Knowledge of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Strong communicator and team player willing to learn and grow
  • Comfortable in managing social media, and new technologies and platforms

This programme is for you if you want to:

  • Turn ideation and research into real action and development of solutions
  • Become a more effective and stronger leader in sport and social business (or a sport and social business entrepreneur)
  • Drive local transformative change in and through sport
  • Represent and embody the Olympic values in action
  • Commit to a four-year entrepreneurial journey
  • Be both a mentee and a mentor through a comprehensive mentorship programme
  • Collaborate with fellow young leaders, experts, researchers, sports leaders and social business entrepreneurs


  1. United Nations Organizations that Offer Paid Internships Opportunities
  2. Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program for American Nationals (Fully-funded)
  3. Global Leadership Challenge 2022: Apply Now (Fully-funded)

Detailed information about the application process and the criteria can be found in this document.

About the IOC Young Leaders programme

The IOC Young Leaders programme is delivered over four years to give participants sufficient time to go through the phases of developing a social business/project that provides a localised sport-based solution to a pressing challenge in their respective communities.

Each year of the programme is designed around the development of the young leader and their sport-based social business/project.

Overall, the learning journey encompasses a wide range of subjects and experts, in areas such as human centred-design, prototyping, ecosystem mapping, leadership skills, customer segmentation, public relations, fundraising, impact measurement, user research, user testing, digital communications and finance.

The four-year programme has a blended approach, combining virtual sessions and discussions, community spaces and learning through in-person and networking experiences.

Most of the monthly learning will be online, and will include expert sessions, sharing of practical resources, connect group sessions and self-directed learning activities.

What each IOC Young Leader receives:

  • CHF 10,000 seed-funding delivered over the four years
  • Monthly expert-led workshops and guidance
  • Access to thought-leaders and inspirational figures
  • Exclusive invitation to attend the bi-annual IOC Youth Summit
  • Invitations to attend and speak at global gatherings
  • Networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities
  • Leadership coaching
  • A dedicated team on hand to provide support

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