Pacific NCD Youth Ambassadors Initiative 2022

Pacific NCD Youth Ambassadors Initiative 2022

Applications are open for the Pacific NCD Youth Ambassadors Initiative 2022. The initiative provides opportunities for the Pacific youth to share creative ideas, using their own language and creative thinking that could help improve the health and wellbeing in their communities and contribute to addressing non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

As the leading cause of preventable death accounting for 60 to 75% in the region, NCDs, principally diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as well as cancers, constitute a crisis of epidemic proportion with major implications for the future development of Pacific Islands Countries and Territories. Tobacco, harmful use of alcohol, poor diets (e.g., diets rich in sugar, salt, fats, and processed foods and low in fruits and vegetables) combined with lack of physical activity, are the leading risk factors for NCDs.

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