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iDixcover Achiever: Young African man wins scholarship to UK, Netherlands and Denmark universities at the same time

Young African man wins scholarship to UK, Netherlands and Denmark universities at the same time

A brilliant Nigerian man named Michael Olughu has won outstandingly a Master’s degree scholarship that will see him study in the United Kingdom, Denmark and the Netherlands simultaneously.


Micheal Olughu won the 2021 Erasmus Mundus European scholarship to earn a Master’s degree in International Master’s, Children’s Literature, Media and Culture. The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is a prestigious, integrated, international study programme, jointly delivered by an international consortium of higher education institutions in Europe.

African man

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship award winners are given the opportunity to earn their Master’s degrees within two years and across several universities across Europe. Michael Olughu won the award and had the opportunity to study in the UK, Denmark and The Netherlands.

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Expressing his outstanding journey on LinkedIn, Michael wrote that he started his first semester at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom, he thereafter proceeded to Aarhus University in Denmark for his second semester and then to Tilburg University in the Netherlands for his third semester.

“My Erasmus Mundus journey: 1st semester: University of Glasgow, 2nd semester: Aarhus University, Denmark, 3rd semester: Tilburg University, Netherlands, 4th semester: University of Glasgow,” he wrote on LinkedIn.

Michael noted that he is currently in his third semester at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and would return to the University of Glasgow in the UK to complete his Master’s degree education.

“I am excited to commence my third semester studies today. Thanks be to God for his faithfulness upon my life,” he said.

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