iDixcover Achiever: Brilliant Nigerian man with 4.9 CGPA fights back after being rejected by US university, wins scholarship to study Engineering in 8 top schools

Brilliant Nigerian man with 4.9 CGPA fights back after being rejected by US university, wins scholarship to study Engineering

A brilliant Nigerian man named Adewale Babatunde has fought back against failure after being rejected by two top universities in the United States despite having an excellent undergraduate result in Nigeria.

Adewale Babatunde secured an outstanding 4.90-grade point out of a possible 5.00, making him have a grade of 98% from the Petroleum and Gas Engineering Department of the University of Lagos, South-West, Nigeria.

After his outstanding Bachelor’s degree performance, Adewale Babatunde applied for scholarship opportunities in the United States but got rejected by two topmost energy renewable energy graduate programs in the United States.


Given his highly successful antecedent, Adewale fought back against failure and sought to further his studies in a field that complements his background in Petroleum Engineering. He decided to strive harder for other graduate programs in several universities across the United States.

“It was not an easy decision, and I struggled to make it look natural to well-meaning folks. On the surface, it seemed that I was vainly betting on the chance that I would get into the same graduate programs that I was earlier rejected from,” he narrated on LinkedIn.

Adewale noted that despite that he had an undergraduate CGPA of 4.90/5.00, GRE Score of 332/340, and TOEFL score of 109/120, he took lessons from his previous rejections as well as his previous application cycle and help from friends and mentors.

“I applied to 13 schools for the Fall 2022 cycle. The result was that I received fully-funded offers into the Chemical Engineering Ph.D. programs of 8 excellent US schools,” he said.

He added that the schools that awarded him PhD offers that included generous funding covering tuition, health insurance, and living expenses in the United States include; the University of Colorado Boulder, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, University of Notre Dame, University of Florida, University of Iowa, The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Northeastern University, and Cornell University.

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Adewale however decided the join Cornell University in New York, United States. “Today, I have begun studies towards a PhD in Chemical Engineering at Cornell’s Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, with the prospect of a research focus that is applicable to the advancement of renewable energy technologies,” he stated.

He thanked his friends, mentors and impactful organizations which provided access to mentorship support. “Considering my background and upbringing, it really has been quite the journey, and I am truly grateful and indeed proud of how far I have come,” he said.

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