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CFI Naija in Lights, Training for skills Program

CFI Naija in Lights, Training for skills Program

Naija in Lights” is a 12-month project implemented by CFI in partnership with StoryMi Academy, Radio France internationale (RFI) and the Alliances Françaises network in Nigeria and revolves around two main components :

Component 1

Two 7-day training sessions. The first will be devoted to photography techniques and the identification of an individual project (technical aspects, different styles of photojournalism, reading of photographic images, the ethical principles of photojournalism, the consideration of the principle of gender equality, the history of photojournalism in the world and in Africa). The second will be devoted to the principles of the photojournalism market and the development of an exhibition project (how to develop a viable personal project, identification of economic opportunities, exhibition of work, sell a pitch to editors, present your work in front of an audience).


Component 2

Remote coaching for the creation of a personal project on the subject of the elections and participation in the organisation of a group exhibition, which will be hosted by the Alliances Françaises network in Nigeria.

Naija in lights

The support offered by CFI for the selected photojournalists :

Component 1:

  • One (1) training session on photography techniques and identification of an individual project, 7 days in Kano (to be confirmed).
  • One (1) training session on the principles of the photojournalism market and support for the development of an exhibition project, 7 days in Lagos.


  1. NNPC/SEPLAT Joint Venture 2022/2023 National Undergraduate Scholarship Programme for young Nigerians
  2. UN SDSN Youth Nigeria SDG Advocate Programme 2022
  3. Project T-Max Technical Vocational Education and Training Programme (TVET) for young Nigerians

Component 2:

  • Remote coaching and support for the development of an individual project (production of a photo report), 3 days per beneficiary spread over 4 months
  • A joint exhibition of photographs organised by the Alliances Françaises network in Nigeria.

Are you a professional Nigerian photographer exercising press photography or reportage for the media or on social networks? Are you looking to improve your technical and visual literacy skills and you would like to cover the 2023 general elections? Do you need help to refine your career plan and build your career in photojournalism?


  • The applicants must be a young journalist under 35 years of age, employed by one or more established media outlets (private or public and on a freelance or in-house basis), or active on social media and exhibiting a certain degree of influence among young people (a number of subscribers on social networks (< 2k)).
  • The applicants must be based in Nigeria and practising press or journalistic photography for at least 2 years.
  • They sound knowledge of the basics of photography (writing captions, basic understanding of how to read an image, proficient in basic editing, etc.) and desire to become a professional photojournalist and to make a living from this profession.
  • They are independent and creative and apply the rules of independence and impartiality in their photographic work


  • 30 August 2022: launch of the call for applications
  • 30 September 2022: deadline for receiving application files (18:00 UT)
  • 20 October 2022: publication of the results for stage 1
  • 24 to 31 October: test (stage 2)
  • 1st November 2022: publication of the results
  • 5 December 2022: start of training session 1 in Kano (7 days) – to be confirmed

Amount to be attributed to each beneficiary 420.000 Nairas (equivalent to 1000 EUR)

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For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the Naija in Lights, Training for Skills Program

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