Roddenberry Prize 2022

Call for Nominations: Roddenberry Prize 2022 (Grand prize of $1,000,000)

Call for Nominations: Roddenberry Prize 2022 (Grand prize of $1,000,000)

Nominations are invited for the Roddenberry Prize 2022. The Roddenberry Prize supports early-stage ventures that leverage scientific breakthroughs or emerging technologies that hold the promise for a better future.

At the heart of The Roddenberry Prize is a belief in the potential for scientific and technological innovation to help us lead better, healthier, and more productive lives while helping the planet and our environment flourish.

The Roddenberry Prize is an invitation to challenge the status quo, to catalyze new ways of thinking, and to imagine a better future. It is an opportunity to envision a world that is more equitable and prosperous in which all of us – regardless of our background – can thrive.

Roddenberry Prize 2022 Prize

  • A grand prize of $1M in non-dilutive financing, along with five $100,000 finalist awards, will be granted to early-stage ventures that have the potential to change the world.

Roddenberry Prize 2022 Eligibility

The Roddenberry Prize seeks to support early-stage science and technology ventures—non-profit and mission-driven for-profit entities—that meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Early Stage: they seek early-stage ventures that have successfully raised Seed Rounds through Series A financing.
  • World Changing: they seek solutions that have the potential to achieve one or more of the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Scalable: they seek an audacious, far-reaching, and scalable vision to solve a global challenge on the scale of millions of lives.
  • Ethical: they support purpose-driven, human-centered, and responsible innovation that reduces inequity.
  • Science & Technology based: they are interested in new technologies, discoveries, inventions, or scientific breakthroughs.

Roddenberry Prize 2022 Selection Criteria

Roddenberry Foundation’s staff and community of external evaluators, experts, and leaders from across industries and sectors will score applications along the following selection criteria:

  • Innovative Technology or Scientific Breakthrough: innovativeness of a new technology, discovery, invention, or scientific breakthrough.
  • Potential for Real-World Impact: they are interested in solutions that have potential for radical, game-changing impact.
  • Scalability: they are interested in ventures that have the potential to be scaled to affect the lives of millions (if not billions) of people.
  • Relevance: the solution is aligned with one or more of the SDGs and addresses a recognized and urgent issue that affects a significant population.
  • Track Record: though early stage, the applicant has demonstrated some success, achieved tangible milestones, and proven their expertise in their field.

Roddenberry Prize 2022


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Roddenberry Prize 2022 Application Deadline

Deadline: September 12, 2022

Roddenberry Prize 2022 Nomination

To apply to the Roddenberry Prize, you must be nominated by a foundation, impact investor, VC, accelerator, academic institution, or other similar type of funder.

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For more information, visit Roddenberry Prize.

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