iDixcover Achiever: Young British-Nigerian math genius graduates from UK university at 13 years old, earns PhD at the age of 16

Young British-Nigerian math genius graduates from UK university at 13 years old

A young British-Nigerian math genius named Esther Okade has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Mathematics from the UK open university at the age of 13 after an outstanding performance.

Esther Okade who is a math genius from childhood was said to have started solving high-level mathematics including quadratic equations when she was three (3) years old. According to her mother, Omonefe Okade, Esther had wanted to enrol at university at the age of 7.

When Esther was 6 years old, she was awarded a grade C in GCSE maths and ultimately qualify to sit A-Level maths exams. At the time, the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom invited her to study Mathematics at the institution


I want to have my own bank by the time I’m 15 because I like numbers and I like people and banking is a great way to help people,” she added.

The 13 years old British graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Mathematics at the age of 13 years old and three years later, she earned her PhD degree in Financial Mathematics from the same institution.

The 16-year-old Mathematics genius is well on her way to achieving all her dreams at such a young age having reached an outstanding top in academics. She has authored a series of math workbooks for children such as Yummy Yummy Algebra and together with her mother, Omonefe, who is also a mathematician, they have developed a curriculum for a proposed preschool in the country’s Delta area.

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Esther is determined to give back to society through an educational institution they established known as “Shakespeare’s Academy”. The academy will teach morality and ethics, public speaking, entrepreneurship, and etiquette, as well as the basics of reading, writing, math, and science.

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