MIASA workshop

MIASA Workshop on Female Academic Careers in Africa 2022 (Funded to Accra)

MIASA Workshop on Female Academic Careers in Africa 2022

The Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA) invites applications for its MIASA Workshop on Female Academic Careers in Africa which is organized in collaboration with the German Historical Institute Paris (GHIP) and the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA) at the University of Ghana (UG).

The workshop offers time and space to discuss the challenges and opportunities for women in academia in African contexts. Participants from Ghana and other African countries will be accompanied by a professional coach through different modules that address the issues of how to build up efficient teams, how to deal with university hierarchies, how to address conflicts at the workplace, and how to proceed an academic career with multiple time constraints. The workshop explores professional relationships in academic practice.

Objective of the program

The MIASA Workshop on Female Academic Careers will provide coaching training to help assist its participants to define their own working and leadership style, but also to consider how to adapt oneself to different contexts and challenges. The overarching purpose is to encourage early- and mid-career female academics in Ghana and other African countries to further build up their careers, to develop strategies for keeping a work-life-balance that allows for prospering in one’s research and academic work, and to become ready for taking up leadership positions and/or seizing other professional opportunities.

MIASA workshop


  • MIASA covers travel costs for participants (economy class flight, only mandatory covid-19 tests, local transport, accommodation).

Eligibility Criteria

  • The MIASA Workshop is open to early- and mid-career female academics who are affiliated in the Social Sciences and Humanities with universities or research institutes in Africa.
  • Applicants should have a PhD.
  • They are open to a broad range of disciplines and appreciate, in particular, applicants who work on one or more of MIASA’s main research themes.


  1. The Black Policy Institute 2022 Future Global Leadership Programme
  2. MICM Young Orange Scholarship to Attend One Young World Summit 2022 (Fully-funded to Manchester, UK)
  3. THRIVE Global Impact Challenge 2022 for Innovative Startups

Application Deadline

The deadline for application submission for the MIASA Workshop on Female Academic Careers is on August 3rd 2022

Application Process

If you wish to apply to participate in the MIASA workshop, submit your application as one PDF to the following address: workshop-miasa@dhi-paris.fr

Note- The dossier should be comprised of:

  • Motivation letter (please describe your general professional profile and indicate the two main reasons why you wish to participate in the MIASA workshop)
  • Research profile, max. 500 words (please describe briefly your main research themes)
  • CV, including publication list, max. 2 pages.
  • Join all documents into one PDF file, and name: SURNAME_GIVEN NAME_Female2022.pdf

For more information, visit MIASA Workshop 2022

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