Eduvacity a Zaria base ed-tech

Eduvacity is a Zaria-based ed-tech company that educates people technical, business, and soft skills.

Eduvacity a Zaria base ed-tech

Eduvacity is a Zaria-based ed-tech company that educates people technical, business, and soft skills.

The global unemployment rate continues to rise at a rapid pace each year. 621 million people require job opportunities through education, action, and empowerment. 3.9 percent of unemployed people make professional decisions based on what they believe will make them successful, not recognizing that the type of career they choose is not marketable, so they become discouraged and stop studying. Ed-tech startups are rising with great capabilities; in Nigeria, ed-tech start-ups are overlapping and have a wide range of effect in various parts of the country, as we all know that skill-based experience is at the forefront of giving jobs to people worldwide.

Companies like Andela  there are some regions in Nigeria that are untapped, which is why Eduvacity is coming to help the growth of the ecosystem in Nigeria and the world at large by producing in-demand world class talent for companies and individuals.

According to Ibrahim Musa Abbah, CEO of Eduvacity, some parts of Nigeria still lack access to these skills base experiences. Places like Ondo, Kwara, Ebonyi, Delta, and especially the northern states like Kaduna, Kano, Sokoto, Yobe, and Adamawa etc. According to the founder, given the quantity of persons attempting to transit, there is an urgent and strong plan for them to become world class.

In 2019, Ibrahim Musa Abbah and his cofounder Ibrahim Nasir Abbah founded eduvacity which is brother’s idea of bringing up the training of technical business and soft skills education using local languages and work opportunities in order to provide Nigerians with employment opportunities internationally.

This occurs when they learn that there are only a few talented people in their community of Zaria, Kaduna. As a result, they may open up the opportunity to everyone without any barriers.

The Eduvacity learning content will focus on local languages; in Nigeria, the learning will be delivered in Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. In the additional markets that the company will enter, they will give learning content in the popular languages of the region.

They met a lot of academics on their path to construct the next education unicorn, which allowed them to deepen their thoughts in giving the greatest solution.

The company received certified certification from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Computer Engineering, the founder expresses heartfelt gratitude to PROF MB Muazu for supporting them through their path.

Learners will access trainings of 10 over a 10-month period, including two months of internship and two months of constructing real-world projects. According to the founders, learners can pay full-time $250 dollars, 61 dollars every term, 21 dollars per month, 5 dollars weekly, and 0.70 dollars per day.

This is a fantastic opportunity for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, thus the cost cannot deter people from studying. Learners may also be able to access classes for 2 hours free of charge without the need for a data subscription. The founders stated Nigeria has a population of almost 200 million people, with 60 percent of the population aged 21 to 25. Every year, the country’s unemployment rate rises by 34%. The inventor feels that the educational system will not be sufficient for graduates to obtain employment.

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