Google Machine Learning Bootcamp

Google Machine Learning Bootcamp 2022 for Young Africans

Google Machine Learning Bootcamp 2022

The Google Machine Learning Bootcamp 2022 is a program for those that want to become machine learning developers. The goal of this program is for the participants to study machine learning theories and eventually become able to solve engineering problems in actual job situations. Google will provide an environment for self-study and various opportunities to whet your motivation.

Screened participants are required to complete a training course in deep learning, a ML certification, and a hands-on project in 4 months. Those that complete all of them will be given a chance to apply for a full-time job or an intern position in companies that provide services involving machine learning.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Google Machine Learning Bootcamp Applicants must have basic programming experience in Python.
  • Given this program’s purpose, your personal goal must be to find employment at an IT company or a startup as a full-time worker or intern.
  • If you are just interested in learning about machine learning, this program is not for you.
  • You must not have previously completed any of the training components offered in this program (Coursera Deep Learning Specialization, TensorFlow certification, GCP Professional Data Engineer certification, and GCP Professional ML Engineer certification).
  • Your English comprehension skills should be good enough to understand the training components mentioned above as they are conducted in English without an interpretation service.
  • The Google Machine Learning Bootcamp program will take about 4 months. You must be willing to work hard and learn during this time.
  • While they will set up online meetings and provide some mentoring to encourage your studies, you have to learn on your own.


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What you will learn include:

  1. ML Training
  2. ML Certificates: Complete a machine learning certification.
  3. ML Practice: Participate in Kaggle CompetitionKaggle is a platform for competitions where data scientists from all over the world come together to demonstrate their skills and earn prizes and fame.
  4. ML Network: Make connections with ML companies and apply for employment

Google Machine Learning BootcampApplication deadline

The timelines for Google Machine Learning Bootcamp 2022 include:

  • Apply: 4th July – 16th July 2022
  • Announcement: 27th July 2022
  • Program Start: 1st August 2022
  • Program Ends: 25th November 2022

Application process

  • Once application closes, The results will be announced on 27th July, 2022.
  • The applicants will be contacted individually. All communications will be sent to the email address you provide.
  • Before you apply, check and make sure that the training components offered in this program are appropriate for your level.
  • The application includes a test to assess how well the applicant may handle the difficulty of the program.
  • Make sure you have enough time before you start applying.
  • There will be no separate acknowledgment of your application other than an email confirming your application once you complete your application.

Apply here

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the Google Machine Learning Bootcamp 2022



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