Billboard Art Competition Art Moves 2022

DEADLINE: July 22, 2022

Billboard Art Competition Art Moves 2022

Billboard Art Competition Art Moves 2022 is addressed to all the interested people, artists and students. There is no entry fee.

The purpose of the Competition is to propagate and popularize billboard art and to encourage artists to create art engaged in the reality.

The work is intended to be a creative response to this year’s Competition theme: Love or hatred? Truth or falsehood? What should we appreciate in these uncertain times?

This competition slogan can be treated as a metaphor of all the processes taking place in the world today. Recent months and years have been marked by constant uncertainty. Lives of individuals and whole societies are no longer predictable. We are facing one crisis after another, without any break. The pandemic is not over yet, and the war in Ukraine broke out. Reality looks unstable, unpredictable, full of chaos and turmoil. Particular societies and the entire humanity need to face never-ending challenges, dangers and disasters. How should we live in these tough times and reinvent ourselves? What is important? What can help us make sense of what is going on, what we are experiencing and what we are going through? How to find hope? What can we rely on and what should we choose? What should we stand for? There are loads of questions about what kind of world we want and what reality we would like to live in. In the world based on the rules of love or hatred, truth or falsehood? What should we appreciate in these uncertain times?


  • The author of the winning entry will receive the Main Award in the amount of PLN 4000 (about EUR 872, USD 937,20).
  • The best 6 artworks selected by an international jury panel will be printed and exhibited in the urban space of the city of Torun, Poland in September 2022.


  • Incorporation of the Competition theme in the work is not required and will not have any impact on the evaluation of the work by the jury. If some other slogan or phrase is used in the work, it should be expressed in either Polish or English language.
  • Both individual artists and groups of artists can participate in the competition. In case of groups, the following data should be included on the application card: names and surnames of ALL the authors of the work and contact details of ONLY one person who will be representing a group in contacts with the organizers of the competition.
  • Note! All works and the form should be sent in one e-mail!

Eligible Regions: Open for All



  • The entries can be sent by electronic mail until 22 July 2022, 0:00 CET, to the following address: artmoves(at)
  • The format of the competition work should be 498 cm x 243 cm (196 inches x 95.7 inches) in a horizontal layout, 100 dpi, cmyk, tiff. In order to take part in the Competition, the artist has to send a completed entry form and attach a preview of the submitted work in the following format: 30 cm x 14,6 cm (11,8 inches x 5,7 inches) in a horizontal layout, 72 dpi, jpg. Each jpg file should be named with the artist’s first and last name. If more works are submitted, use numbers 1 to 3 in addition to the first and last name e.g. adam_smith_1, adam_smith_2, adam_smith_3.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: At this point of the competition, do NOT attach files of the complete (heavy) works. The Competition organizers will contact the selected artists after the announcement of the jury’s verdict in order to receive the final works to be printed off and displayed on the billboards.

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For more Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the Billboard Art Competition Art Moves 2022

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