First National Bank Graduate Programme

First National Bank Graduate Programme 2022 for Young South Africans

First National Bank Graduate Programme 2022

Application is now open for the First National Bank Graduate Programme. The Bank supports the recruitment and advancement of individuals with disabilities. In order for them to fulfill this purpose, candidates can disclose their disability information on a voluntary basis. The Bank will keep this information confidential unless we are required by law to disclose this information to other parties.


The First National Bank Graduate Programme Trainee role is a developmental pipeline for key roles in business units.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Minimum Qualification : Students currently completing their final year of university degrees in: Commerce (Accounting, Business Management, Finance, Economics etc), Actuarial Science, Maths, Statistics, Engineering, Marketing, HR, Industrial Psychology, Information Systems, Computer Science, This is not an exhaustive list of degrees

First National Bank Graduate ProgrammeAdditional requirements

The First National Bank Graduate Programme is only applicable to South African citizens.


  1. Vine Fund 2022 for Changemakers in Ghana and Nigeria (up to $1,000)
  2. #Youth4disarmament Pitching Peace Youth Music Challenge 2022
  3. Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for Tech Startups (up to €150,000)


  • Deliver exceptional service that exceeds customers’ expectations through proactive, innovative and appropriate solutions
  • Provision of an efficient execution of role responsibilities through careful and timeous planning, reporting and updating of all related information in the relevant role of learning
  • Participate in the innovation process in the business and contribute toward new innovations against objectives
  • Participation in knowledge sharing and projects to maximise skills required for the role and relevant career exploration by executing all activities required to be efficient and successful
  • Manage graduate development plan by completion of training assignments
  • Manage graduate development plan to increase own competencies and skills by attendance of training
  • Manage own development to increase own competencies
  • Live the values of the business through demonstrating and displaying of the values required in the business

First National Bank Graduate Programme
Application Deadline

The Deadline for the First National Bank Graduate Programme is on August 21, 2022

First National Bank Graduate Programme

Apply here

For more information: Visit the Official Webpage of the First National Bank (FNB) Graduate Programme 2022

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