EVWA Changemaker 2022

Apply to become an EVWA Changemaker 2022 (Win $5,000)

Apply to become an EVWA Changemaker 2022 (Win $5,000)

Are you an African national between the ages 18 and 30? Are you leading a project that directly works with and empowers women farmers in Africa? Become an EVWA Changemaker 2022!

The Elevating the Voices of Women in Agriculture (EVWA) Changemakers Campaign highlights projects led by young African leaders, who are creating impact to empower women farmers in Africa. Join the efforts to advocate for the achievement of SDG 2 Zero Hunger, SDG 5 Gender Equality and SDG 13 Climate Action. Become an EVWA Changemaker!

With the EVWA Campaign, the Ban Ki-Moon CEntre for Global Citizens (BKMC) is on a mission to highlight and galvanize action for the empowerment of women farmers in Africa. Women account for nearly half of the world’s smallholder farmers. In Africa, they produce 70% of the continent’s food. Yet, they are the most vulnerable members of the farming community, facing obstacles accessing land, finances, education, and more, because of gender inequalities and our changing climate.

EVWA Changemaker 2022


  1. Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for Tech Startups (up to €150,000)
  2. MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship 2022 ($10,000 grand prize)

EVWA Changemaker 2022 Benefits

  • Gain global visibility, broaden your network, and take the chance to win the $5,000 USD EVWA Champion Award.

EVWA Changemaker 2022 Eligibility

  • Be between 18 and 30 years old;
  • Be a national of an African country;
  • Have upper-intermediate English language skills;
  • Be leading a project that directly works with and empowers women farmers in Africa.

EVWA Changemaker 2022 Nomination

During the nomination process you will need to enter:

  • Your personal details (e.g. name, contact information, date of birth, address, citizenship, education, language competence, short profile description)
  • Your professional details (e.g. name of organization, function, your office contact details)
  • Information about your project (e.g. name, location, description, explanation how the project fosters women’s empowerment and considers climate change)
  • The details of a woman farmer, whom you personally know and has benefitted from your project (e.g. name, country of residence, date of birth, short profile description, how your project affects her)

At the final stage of the nomination process you will be prompted to attach the following:

  • a 30-second video of yourself in which you introduce yourself with your name, nationality, and the name of your project and explain why you think you should be among the EVWA Changemakers (You will record this video online during the nomination process. There is no need to pre-record the video!)
  • your CV
  • a picture of yourself (portrait)
  • a picture of your project (in-action)
  • if available, a picture of the mentioned woman farmer

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