Biodiversity Accelerator

Biodiversity Accelerator+ Programme 2022 (Fully-funded to Singapore)

Biodiversity Accelerator+ Programme 2022 (Fully-funded to Singapore)

The Biodiversity Accelerator+ Programme 2022 is now accepting applications. The Biodiversity Accelerator+ is a three-month, high-touch program designed to help up to eight companies maintain our planet’s biological variety.

It is founded on the notion that addressing the biodiversity crisis will necessitate both natural-based remedies and technical innovation.

The accelerator will support companies across two themes:

  • Nature Technology: Companies catalyzing biodiversity protection through hardware and software solutions addressing industry pain points, such as the cost or efficacy of conservation efforts. These could include the provision of cost-effective alternatives to traditional biodiversity monitoring methodologies, ecoengineering innovations, or multicrop harvesting solutions.
  • Nature Based Solutions: Companies operating on the ground to protect vulnerable landscapes or restore degraded ones via nature based solutions. Examples of such systems include regenerative agriculture (“regen ag”) or sustainable ocean aquaculture. These companies are not just protecting the environment. They are also helping local communities meet our economy’s demand for resources, while also earning better livelihoods, improving social wellbeing, and preserving the region’s cultural heritage.

Biodiversity Accelerator Benefits

  • All-expenses paid, 2-day in-person programme launch in Singapore, including networking events with mentors, investors and programme partners.
  • Over $100K of in-kind services and coaching, provided for no fee or equity.
  • Focus on impact, community-building and wellbeing – both at the personal and organisational levels.
  • Connections to a global community of entrepreneurs, investors, offtakers, researchers, and more.
  • Access to potential investments from Silverstrand and their co-investors.

Biodiversity Accelerator


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  2. The Wits-TUB-UNILAG Urban Lab Scholarships Programme 2023 in Urban Studies
  3. Leading Manchester Scholarship to attend One Young World Summit 2022 (Fully funded)

Biodiversity Accelerator Eligibility

  • Applicants are early-stage founders;
  • They should be past the ideation stage, with some demonstrable traction (e.g. in developing a ready-to-commercialise product, launching a pilot, or in securing some initial sales)
  • Preference will be given to companies based/with operations in South East Asia, or with interest in expanding to the region. However, all are welcome to apply!

Biodiversity Accelerator Application Deadline

Biodiversity Accelerator Application Deadline: June 24, 2022

Biodiversity Accelerator Application

Applications will close on June 24, 2022. No late application will be considered.

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