African Philanthropy Network (APN) Essay Competition 2022 ($500)

African Philanthropy Network Essay Competition 2022

Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) Essay Competition For the year 2022 is ongoing. APN is the only continent-wide network of organizations and individuals in Africa and its diaspora that promotes the culture of philanthropic giving. It is conceived as a space for African institutions to interrogate and intervene in the power dynamics that shape how resource mobilization, distribution and spending impact the possibilities of transformative change in Africa.

The theme for the Essay Contest is African Philanthropy transforming community challenges: Innovation and Practice

Framework for Focus for the APN Essay Competition 

In responding to the contest APN encourage the use of the framework below for considering African philanthropic giving practices and innovation:

Different forms of giving within a specific community or direct network

  • One to one: examples would include giving for the education of direct acquittances/family members.
  • Many to one: examples here include mobilizing a neighbourhood or village to build a local health centre


  1. YCR International Summer Research Program 2022
  2. PEC Internship Program for Engineering Students 2022
  3. School Enterprise Challenge for students worldwide 2022 ($25,000 worth prizes)

Methodology and Scope of the Essay Competition

Essay competition

Coverage: The Contest will cover all sub-Saharan African countries

Target Group: Youth aged 18-35 years old

Entry Languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Kiswahili.

Entry Requirements for the APN Essay Competition

  • Contact details (emails, social media IDs)
  • Copy of national ID or passport
  • Passport size photo (jpeg or PNG format, high resolution, 1024 x768 Pics, not more than 7MB)
  • Maximum 1500 words, font Arial Narrow, size 11. References and footnotes are not counted in the word count. Non-adherence will automatically be a disqualification. Plagiarism shall not be tolerated and all entrants are encouraged to cite their work if they intend to use information that is not theirs.
  • All submissions must be in either English, French or Portuguese and Swahili.
  • Only one entry per participant will be accepted.

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Benefits of the APN Essay Competition

APN will provide monetary and recognition awards to the first ten (10) winning essays. In addition to that, there will be more incentives such as certificates of participation, profiling through social media channels, and the opportunity to speak in peer learning events.

Essay competition

Timeline for the APN Essay Competition

The Essay Competition will take place between Wednesday, 25th May 2022 and shall be closed no later than Wednesday, 29th June 2022.

Application process for the APN Essay Competition 2022

All entries must be submitted electronically through the following email: Uploaded entries should contain the person’s name and all contact details.

For more information: Visit the APN official website or contact through email

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