Atlas Corps Fellowship for Operations and Human Resources Professionals

Atlas Corps Fellowship for Operations and Human Resources Professionals

Deadline: May 31st 2022

Atlas Corps Fellowship for Operations and Human Resources Professionals

The Atlas Corps Fellowship places global professionals devoted to social impact in 12-month or 14-month US-based or Blended Fellowships, where they study best practices, increase organizational capacity, and return home to build a network of global leaders.

Atlas Corps is now accepting applications for Fellowships beginning in late 2022 and 2023 from operations and human resources professionals. Fellows will assist, develop, and improve operational frameworks, procedures, and processes in the areas of talent management, human resources, strategic planning, knowledge management, operations, and supply-chain/logistics at mission-driven businesses. These Fellowships will also help Atlas Corps achieve its goal of improving US-based organizations by allowing Fellows to contribute their foreign experience and skills to the operations of the organization. Candidates may use their skills and expertise in the following areas:

General Operations: Researching new policies, protocols, and procedures, revising existing operations manuals, contributing to a strategic planning process, supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, managing relationships with vendors who provide services to the organization, assisting with the maintenance of a physical/virtual office environment, and administering internal communication systems are all examples of general operations.

Human Resources: Developing and implementing best practices in talent acquisition and management, participating in the planning and execution of employee professional development and training programs, supporting employee relations and internal communication efforts, managing employee benefits, and improving new hire and current employee training manuals and how-to guides.

Knowledge Management: Conducting literature reviews on best practices, promoting the transmission and use of knowledge products such as case studies and one-pagers, and monitoring and correcting current learning and knowledge gaps are all examples of knowledge management through existing & new data, evidence and knowledge, facilitating processes of knowledge sharing across departments, and creating presentations and webinars that promote reflection on organizational successes and failures.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics: Supporting the procurement lifecycle for purchase orders and contracts for services and goods, handling logistics such as warehousing and transportation, supporting coordination between local stakeholders for supply chain management technical activities, providing technical insight for strengthening national supply chains, developing new supply chain policies, and analyzing supply chain data.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates for this fellowship must have a college degree, be highly proficient in English, be no older than 35, and be committed to applying their experience in their home country or region after the program. Candidates should also have experience implementing and managing operational processes and two years of professional experience in one of the following areas: human resources, supply chain and logistics, knowledge management, or general operations.

Atlas Corps Fellowship for Operations and Human Resources Professionals

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Desired Eligibility Criteria

Soft Skills

  • Organizational and time management skills;
  • Detail-oriented;
  • Multi-tasker with the ability to manage multiple processes simultaneously;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to comfortably work with people from across the globe, as well as an ability to work with different working styles; and
  • Flexibility, open-mindedness, and tolerance for uncertainty and risk.

Functional Areas

  • Knowledge Management: research skills in conducting secondary research and literature reviews, working knowledge of data visualization tools, content creation expertise, facilitation or communication dissemination.
  • General Operations: strategic planning experience, workflow coordination experience, project management certification, working knowledge and proficiency in the use of software tools and platforms.
  • Human Resources: performance and office management experience, general knowledge of HR practices such as staffing, employee wellness, onboarding, HR certification, recruitment software, talent acquisition expertise, and training experience.
  • Supply-Chain Management and Logistics: technical understanding of the procurement and supply chain process, report-writing experience, financial management experience, and data analytics skills, especially in Power Bi, Excel, and Sharepoint.

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