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The Pan-Atlantic University/MTN Media Innovation Programme (MIP) 2022 for Nigerian media practitioners

Deadline: May 5, 2022

The Pan-Atlantic University/MTN Media Innovation Programme (MIP) 2022 for Nigerian media practitioners

The MTN Media Innovation Programme (MIP) is a six-week program for media practitioners in Nigeria that takes place throughout six months. Participants will have a better understanding of the evolving media landscape and how to successfully use technology to generate meaningful media content as a result of the program.

The MTN Media Innovation Programme (MIP) is a certificate program offered by Pan-Atlantic University’s School of Media and Communication that focuses on the confluence of ICT and media. MIP will be a 6-month fellowship for journalists (media practitioners throughout the entire spectrum, including social media), and it will be aimed to assist them grow capacity at both professional and business levels as a certificate course. It has a transforming potential of empowering media practitioners to do their job better and drive innovation that will lead to building the needed sustainability in the industry.

The program aims to provide media professionals with the necessary inventive, entrepreneurial, and technical skills to help them accomplish their work more effectively. Given the existing talent shortage in this area, the focus on studying the intersection of ICT and media could not have come at a better moment for Nigerian media practitioners.

The MIP, which is fully financed by MTN Nigeria, will develop the capacity of Nigerian media practitioners through training and exposure to real-life case studies that will help them generate new ideas and lead remarkable media careers. The MIP fellows will be prepared with the information and skills they need to flourish in a fast changing media world and achieve career and financial success.

Learning Outcomes

Fellows will…

  1. Learn the requisites for innovation in the media landscape
  2. Develop an enhanced grasp of the changing media landscape propelled by ICT
  3. Witness improvement in writing and reporting skills
  4. Have better insights into the telecommunications and ICT landscape in Nigeria
  5. Have a greater understanding of how the ICT & Telecoms industry in Nigeria work and the role of MTN Nigeria in the mix
  6. Be equipped to take advantage of existing legitimate means to monetize their skills in a fast-changing media landscape

Every participant will experience improved knowledge in three broad areas:

  1. The Telecoms industry
  2. Media Innovation
  3. Writing & Reporting

Programme Structure

  • 33 Days in Class
  • 2 Days in MTN Nigeria Headquarters
  • 7 Days in South Africa
  • 1 Day at the Innovation Hub

MTN Media Innovation Programme (MIP) 2022 for Nigerian media practitioners

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MTN MIP Programme Structure/Modules

  • MTN & the Nigerian Telecoms Industry
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Media Entrepreneurship/management principles
  • ICT and the Media: An Introduction
  • Making Money as a Journalist
  • Media Ethics
  • Subscription Business
  • Research, Writing & (Financial) Reporting
  • Strategic Planning Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making Process
  • 5G and IoT
  • Fintech, E-Commerce: Business and revenue models
  • Stakeholder Relations and Corporate Reputation Management
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Marketing Activation
  • PowerPoint Tools for Effective Presentation
  • Proposal Writing Skills

For More Information:

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