ClimateLaunchpad The Green Business Ideas Competition 2022

ClimateLaunchpad: The Green Business Ideas Competition 2022 (Win €10,000)

ClimateLaunchpad: The Green Business Ideas Competition 2022 (Win €10,000)

ClimateLaunchpad applications are now being accepted: Green Business Ideas Competition 2022 is now open for submissions. ClimateLaunchpad The Green Business Ideas Competition 2022  is the world’s largest competition for green company ideas. The tournament is your passport to international fame. Assuming you have a green business idea and the necessary skills to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Innovation and invention can pave the road to a more environmentally friendly future. That is why they provide a platform for people with exceptional cleantech ideas and assist them in turning those ideas into global impact enterprises. ClimateLaunchpad is part of Climate-Entrepreneurship KIC’s program.

2022 Themes

The pitching streams for the teams at the Regional Finals and the Global Grand Final will be based on these themes.

  • Adaptation and Resilience
  • Circular Economies
  • Urban Solutions
  • Clean Energy
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Food Systems
  • Blue Economy
  • The Next Big Thing


  • The overall winner of the Global Grand Final will receive €10,000, the runner-up will receive €5,000, and the third-place winner will receive €2,500.
  • The top 16 teams from the semi-finals who are chosen by the jury to compete in the Global Grand Final’s final phase will get automatic admission to the Climate-KIC ClimateLaunchpad Accelerator.


  • Anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur and has a strong cleantech proposal could participate.
  • You could be a new business, a small or medium-sized enterprise, a researcher, a student, a government agency, a consultant, an engineer, a combination of the aforementioned, or something else entirely. Don’t worry if you don’t have a complete business plan. They can assist you improve your plan or show you how to make one from scratch
  • Your application can only be submitted within your own nation.

You can only apply in your own country and enter if you meet the following criteria:

  • You haven’t launched a business or your company hasn’t been incorporated for more than a year (definition: your legal entity hasn’t been in existence for more than a year);
  • Your new business has received less than €200,000 in total funding (including grants, government loans, angel and/or venture capital investments, and so on).
  • You haven’t yet sold commercially viable items, solutions, or prototypes.

ClimateLaunchpad The Green Business Ideas Competition 2022

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How Does the Contest Work?

The games begin once you’ve been admitted into the competition:

  • Step 1: Boot Camp: The ClimateLaunchpad National program begins with a multi-day digital Boot Camp for the top teams selected by their National leads. Their instructors will teach you all you need to know about launching a business.
  • Step 2: Intensive coaching and National Finals: After the Boot Camp, there is an intensive coaching phase. Your pitch, value proposition, and business model will all be perfected. After that, you’re ready to take on your National Final, where you’ll pitch to a National Jury digitally.
  • Step 3: Regional Finals: Each country’s top teams compete in the Regional Finals, where they pitch in front of the best and brightest in the region. The best-of-the-best are selected to compete in the digital Global Grand Final.
  • Step 4: Global Grand Final: The greatest teams from around the world compete on an international stage.


ClimateLaunchpad is only accessible within your own country. Fill out the application form, which includes questions such as what problem you’re solving and what influence you estimate your project to have on the environment. There’s no need for a business plan right now. They can assist you improve your plan or show you how to make one from scratch.


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