VC4A Mentor-Driven Capital Program for aspiring business mentors

Deadline: March 15th, 2022

VC4A Mentor-Driven Capital Program for aspiring business mentors 

Are you an established business professional, entrepreneur, or investor with some time on your hands? Do you want to play a bigger role and make a tangible difference in Nigeria’s exciting startup ecosystem? If yes, then, consider becoming a mentor inVC4A Mentor-Driven Capital Program.

The goal of this program is to boost your ability as a high-powered mentor through the Mentor-Driven Capital framework they have developed. You and the selected fellow business leaders will receive expert guidance, training, and hands-on support around mentoring, and join interactive sessions on topics like corporate partnership building and angel investing.

Learn how to engage founders, the rules for mentorship, and how to maximize your impact as a business mentor. Share with industry experts, tap into industry-leading knowledge, and engage your peers in this hands-on learning journey.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The program is open to a maximum of 20 aspiring business mentors in Nigeria, or to those who have strong ties with – and interest in – Nigeria. The only thing you need to invest during the approx. 4-month program is your valuable time, knowledge, and network!
  • You are based in Nigeria or closely affiliated with the country
  • Senior business professional with multiple years of experience
  • Corporate, financial or entrepreneurial background
  • Interested in the startup ecosystem and keen to support startup companies
  • Can spend 4 hours a month mentoring a startup entrepreneur
  • Potentially already active as angel investor, and want to improve mentor skills
  • Potentially already active as mentor, and want to become an angel investor

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  • Mentor-Driven Capital Bootcamps spread across different sessions covering amongst others:
    • Introduction to Mentor-Driven Capital
    • Mentoring a promising startup
    • Thinking/Acting like an Angel Investor
    • and different other topics
  • You also get access to:
    • Group mentor reflections
    • Mentorship guide and online training materials
    • Resident experts on corporate matchmaking & investment readiness
    • Promising startup companies looking for angel investment
  • In addition:
    • A profile on VC4A website for networking and sourcing opportunities
      VC4A Mentorship Marketplace membership to mentor others
    • Last but not least: Complimentary access to the Africa Early Stage Investor Summit 2022!

For More Information:Visit the Official Webpage of the VC4A Mentor-Driven Capital Program

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