Npower Nexit Training Status Confirmation Deadline Extended

Npower Nexit Training Status Confirmation Deadline Extended

According to the information reaching us, the Npower Nexit Training Confirmation Deadline which was fixed for 4th February 2022 has been extended to enable more beneficiaries confirm their training status.

This was disclosed by the National Vice President for the Npower Volunteers. According to him Like he said to you yesterday and day before that the challenges and deductions that occurs when dialing the NSIP Service code *45665# which was related to the ministry is now known.

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He said the following are the replied he got:

1. The implementation is not handled by the ministry, although it is the ministry that can easily reach out to the volunteers just as the SA on media to Hon. Minster did.

2. The NSIP service code was brought down because of the hitches and charges noticed across board but has been restored.

4. Hitherto, the logic behind using the code is to allow people with smaller phones to be able to register without necessarily having to go to cafe or use android phones.

5. The exercise is not designed to cost any amount whatsoever and henceforth, no charges would be attached to the process. (standing order given to the outsourcing company).

6. The initial deadline of tomorrow Friday 4th is no longer effective. Once the USSD code is back online, there will be enough timeline to register.

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