Growth Enterprise Programme 2022 (PAID)

Growth Enterprise Programme 2022 (PAID)

The Growth Enterprise Program is an online program, designed for early stage businesses and start-ups to help them identify steps to grow their businesses and become attractive to access funds.Growing your start-up enterprise is the ever changing business environment can be tough, it requires you to be well equipped with the know how in strategy, business model, marketing and building a team that will work with you to achieve your vision


  • To engage those who are considering the venturing process to have a smooth learning experience while still in employment.
  • To set the foundation for the implementation of suitable systems and structures to ensure long-term sustainability of entrepreneurial ventures.
  • To help the Entrepreneur and her organization to be better prepared in accessing finance for growth.
  • Provide the networks for access to new markets to deliver valuable products and services.

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Program structure

The program will be delivered in modular form which will be further categorized into the online and class structure. This modular structure allows entrepreneurs to spread their skill development over a period of four weeks (online and facilitator-led classes) and 3 days business clinic , making the program compatible with their work schedules and giving them time to implement the action plan they draw from each module in their businesses. Management of Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) and its in-house experts will be prepared to provide assistance in implementing these action plans to the participants.


  • Ability to develop a growth plan
  • Expand your market reach
  • Build the right network
  • Business Clinic

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  • Sales and Marketing
  • Developing Financial Records
  • Building Your Team
  • Strategies for Growth
  • Preparing your Business Plan


For more information visit visit the official webpage of Growth Enterprise Programme 2022


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