Chance to Shine Youth Social Action Programmes 2021-2022 for Young People in America

Chance to Shine Youth Social Action Programmes 2021-2022 for Young People in America

We want to give young people the opportunity to learn and develop through cricket. We are testing three Youth Social Action programmes during 2021-2022. Each programme will help young people aged 13 to 24 learn new skills and knowledge on topics that are important to them, like leadership, mental health and the fundamentals of coaching.

The Youth Social Action programmes are open for applications from 19 May to 14 June 2021

  • NextGen: developing the next generation of leaders and coaches. You will learn about sport for social change, leadership, coaching and community sport
  • Community Voices: supporting young people to have a voice and an impact on issues that are important to them. You will learn about topical issues like mental health, diversity, equity and inclusion, or the environment, as well as how you can do something about it
  • Youth Advisory Board: creating the first ever Chance to Shine youth board that represents young people in the charity’s work. You will learn about leadership, decision making, the process of running a charity and more, as well as shape the way in which Chance to Shine supports young people to play, learn and develop through cricket.

How to Apply 

To apply you need to fill out a short form telling us a bit about who you are. If you are under 18, we also need a parent, care-giver or guardian to answer a few questions. You also need to answer the question related to the programme you are applying for. You can share your answers with us in a film clip (max 90 seconds), or in writing (max 300 words). Follow the step by step guide below to complete your application.

  1. Fill out a form to tell us a bit about who you are, either online, or downloading the offline version and emailing it to: [email protected]
  2. Answer the question(s) related to the programme(s) you are applying for:

NextGen: Why do you want to be part of the NextGen programme?
Community Voices: What issue(s) do you care about and why? What needs to change in your community?
Youth Advisory Board: Why do you want to join the Youth Advisory Board?

You can do this in writing within the form telling us who you are, or you can send us a film clip (see below).

  1. If you are sending your answers to us in a film clip, send the film either via WhatsApp to 07801 393296 or upload to and email it to: [email protected]. Make sure to provide your full name when sending your films.

For more Information: Visit the website for Chance to Shine Youth Social Action Programmes

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