Npower Nexit Portal Verification or Sign up Issues? Here Are Things To Do


After the announcement of the launching of Npower NEXIT Portal many volunteers are still having issues accessing the portal, the good news is portal is now working much better than when it was launched. Although many, if not all volunteers who have registered at the Npower NEXIT Portal are still awaiting a verification link sent to their emails.

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs had earlier said only volunteers that have successfully verified their emails after registration will have access to the Npower NEXIT Portal. It is important to note that the portal is still under construction and so there is no need to panic, as the verification mail will soon be sent to all registered volunteers.

We advise that all volunteers who have registered at the Npower NEXIT Portal and are yet to receive a verification mail to remain calm as the issue is been worked on. Also note that you’re to register with the email you used to apply for Npower, if you have forgotten the email if you have forgotten the email you used during Npower application kindly confirm the the email at your Npower dashboard at

It is not necessary to use your NPVN password for Npower NEXIT but compulsory to use NPVN email for Npower NEXIT. if you cant sign up to the nexit portal kindly use you surname as first name amd first name as surname on the form.

For those that could not access their emails probably because it has been blocked or suspended, endeavor to direct your enquiries to the support team email:

If you don’t have access to your Npower email anymore or you encounter problem while registering in the NEXIT portal, especially for those with the defunct, you should kindly send the issues to clearly indication the following:

  • Your former email address and your new email address
  • Npower ID/Program
  • You should properly indicate in the subject of your email the problem when sending an inquiry mail to the NSIP Support team.

If you are an npower bat h A or B beneficiary and you’re yet to register at Npower Nexit Portal kindly do so here